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Together, let’s preserve our World’s Sacred Air, Water, and Soil, so as to create the healthy communities that are essential for the survival of all of life!

Our vision is to inspire people to action, to change their daily decisions to support health for all in all spheres of life. We gather people and data to encourage new conversations and new solutions to health challenges in our community and our world.


The Institute is creating a healthier Louisville by building a modern urban laboratory to support innovative, experimental research and projects focused on elevating a health in all policies approach. Through citizen empowerment and inventive technology, we can improve the health and harmony of our community and our world.

The initial projects focus on improved air quality. Polluted air is a barrier to healthy and productive lives, and we all share the same air.

Institute History

June 2012 – Three Louisville foundations partner with Mayor Greg Fischer’s Office of Innovation to launch the first community-wide Asthma monitoring program. The program wins Louisville the IBM Global Smarter Cities designation for 2012.

October 2013 – Louisville hosts the Healthy Local Foods Conference which brings focus to the role cities must play in the preservation of air, water, and soil for human health

March 2014 – Institute for Healthy Air Water and Soil Is formed as a fiscal sponsorship of the Community Foundation of Louisville and sets the goal of making our first project in healthy air

April 2014 – Institute for Healthy Air Water and Soil The first project to launch 100 stationary low cost Air Quality Egg monitors for deployment across Louisville begins at an evening celebration. 75 Eggs are adopted at the launch event

June 2014 – Institute for Healthy Air Water and Soil Collaborates with the JCTC NSF National Center for Excellence in GIS and begins deployment of 100 low cost Egg sensors after adding Ozone sensor chips to a third of them. The first release of www.louisvilleairmap.com is published by Institute for Healthy Air Water and Soil and is available to other communities via GITHUB.

July 2014 – Institute for Healthy Air Water and Soil Ted Smith becomes the Institute’s first Executive Director with a mission to establish Urban Labs projects that help the City of Louisville tackle city-wide projects that involve experimental research and technology that could offer public benefit.

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