Super powered plants can clean indoor air of common toxins

In partnership with Nanz and Kraft Florists, the Institute for Healthy Air Water & Soil is excited to announce the Healthy Plants Collection. This line of live plants is has the power to scrub indoor air of air toxins found in many indoor

“All of us at Nanz and Kraft Florists are so excited about our new partnership with the Institute of Healthy Air Water and Soil,” says Eddie Kraft, owner of the Louisville florist. “Being a family owned and operated business since 1850, we are honored to be a part of making Louisville a healthier place. In support of this initiative and to help further research, we are proud to offer a $10 donation to the Institute of Healthy Air Water and Soil for every plant purchased from our new Healthy Plants Collection. Myself, along with my brothers and employees look forward to sharing this collection with the community we love!”

Super powered plants

The city issues several air quality alerts each year for outdoor air quality, but there is no similar warning system for indoor air problems. Airborne pollutants such as benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and ammonia are common in homes, offices, and hospitals. Furniture, building materials, office equipment, and everyday activities like driving, cleaning, and cooking give off these

Formaldehyde is found in paper bags, wax paper, facial tissue, paper towels, napkins, particle board, plywood, synthetic fibers, paints, wallpapers, glues, adhesives, varnishes, and lacquers.
Benzene is found in plastics, synthetic fibers, detergent, drugs, pesticides, tobacco smoke, and vehicle exhaust. Xylene is released by printing, leather and paint industry, tobacco smoke, and vehicle exhaust. Trichloroethylene is released by printing ink, paint, lacquer, adhesives, and paint remover. Ammonia is found in cleaners and fertilizers. These toxins can cause headaches, dizziness, and eye, nose, and throat irritation. Most people spend the majority of their time indoors, so healthy indoor air is important. Plants in the Healthy Plant Collection can pull these toxins out of the air.

The science
In 1989, the NASA Clean Air Study found that certain indoor plants have the ability to clean the air around them.
Researchers tested the effect of house plants on pollutants commonly found in homes and office buildings.
All plants absorb carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Certain plants also are able to collectairborne pollutants on foliage and filter it through root and soil systems. The plants in our collection can remove benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene.
NASA researchers suggest that for best results, use 1 potted plant per 100 square feet of home or office space. has a great infographic of all NASA’s air cleaning plants. The plants in the our collection can:  
• Reduce stress level
• Improve mood
• Increase concentration and memory
• Increase energy level

The Healthy Plants Collection is a result of a partnership between Nanz and Kraft Florists and the Institute. Proceeds help the Institute fund research to improve health in Louisville. Order yours today!

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