AIR Louisville by the numbers shows 2015 was a success

Melissa Williams and Kelly Henderson of Propeller Health worked with pharmacy students from Sullivan University at Healthy Hoops on Saturday, September 19.

Melissa Williams and Kelly Henderson of Propeller Health worked with pharmacy students from Sullivan University at Healthy Hoops on Saturday, September 19.

2015 was a busy and successful year for the AIR Louisville team. Our community asthma program covers two years. Our first year, 2015, was the enrollment year. This year is our tracking and analysis period. Here are a few highlights of our work.

Over the course of the year, I met with 35 potential partners. These groups ranged from big employers and small to pediatricians offices and concierge medicine providers to non-profits and advocacy groups. This outreach resulted in 13 community partners joining this innovative approach to treating asthma. This collaboration includes:

  • 8 employers – Brown-Forman, Papa John’s, Seven Counties, WHAS 11, Louisville Metro employees, Kindred, and two more to be announced soon
  • 1 health plan – Passport
  • 3 providers – Family Allergy and Asthma, University of Louisville pediatrics, and JenCare
  • 1 advocacy group – American Lung Association of the Midland States

People from other organizations have joined the advisory board, adding two more healthcare providers and three advocacy groups.

Melissa Williams, Ted Smith and I attended 24 events to promote AIR Louisville. We talked about asthma and data at the Downtown Rotary Club, the Pegasus Parade Preview Party, a Semple Elementary Family event and Humana’s Bold Moves town hall.

We had a good year for press coverage as well, with 36 articles, interviews, mentions, TV spots and even two documentaries that will come out this year. Here are a few of the best stories:

That last press mention represents one of the highlights of the year. In May, the American Lung Association donated $25,000 to our program. This allowed us to enroll an additional 125 people in the program. Another high point was when Prince Charles checked out the Propeller Health sensor at our launch event in March. We also worked with Passport and many other community volunteers at Healthy Hoops in September to help kids with asthma. Sullivan University pharmacy students helped us enrolled more than 20 kids in AIR Louisville. The best part of 2015 was Meeting doctors and company leaders and city officials who care about

A grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funds our work. Several potential partners showed up at the end of the enrollment year. To get people from these two employers enrolled, we needed to add a few more months to the enrollment period. We recently asked The Foundation for an extension. We asked for six more months. That extends the enrollment period by three month and the entire project by six. We’ll enroll people through March of this year and continue the data collection period through March of 2017. We’ll have until June of 2017 to analyze the data and write the final report.

I want to thank everyone who has helped to make this project a success. We have had so much support from the community. The Propeller team and the Institute are grateful for everyone’s work in making this new approach to asthma a reality.

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