June progress report for AIR Louisville: A participant’s perspective

“I want to be able to say, ‘I live here, I’m happy here, and I’m healthy here.’”

This is how Christine Vaughan describes her motivation for joining AIR Louisville. Christine has asthma and lives in Louisville. She was one of the first people to join this community asthma program back in February. She shared her motivations for joining the program during our Google Hangout in June.

Her goal is to get her condition under control so that she does not have to carry her rescue inhaler everywhere and “freak out if I don’t have it, which then gives me an asthma attack.”

In addition to improving her own health, she hopes that the data gathered from the program will help doctors and city leaders get a better understanding of what asthma is, how it can be controlled and why it happens in the first place.

Christine is the marketing and event coordinator at Insider Louisville and has had asthma all her life. She is cyclist and planning to ride in the American Lung Association’s Bike Trek to Shakertown in September, despite her asthma.

“It’s really interesting to compete with other people and not be able to explain why you can’t get a full breath, or why you have to quit a race because you are seeing stars because you can’t get a full breath in,” she said. “My goal for the future is to not have that happen.”

Over the next few weeks, employees at Brown-Forman and Papa John’s will be joining Christine as AIR Louisville participants. AIR Louisville’s respiratory therapist Melissa Williams will be enrolling people at both corporate offices this month.

I will be speaking about AIR Louisville at an asthma learning session on July 17. Pediatricians from Norton Healthcare, Family Health Centers, and the University of Louisville will be at the day-long event.

We are in contract negotiations with three other partners and recruiting volunteers for our booth at Healthy Hoops Kentucky on September 19.

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