Allergy expert sets Jon Stewart straight on the annual pollen tsunami

Reporters have been saying, “This is the worst allergy season EVER!” for the last 9 years. “How can every year be the worst ever, what is this, the Knicks?” Jon Stewart asked on the May 27 edition of The Daily Show.

Mike Tringale, senior vice president of external affairs at the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, stopped Stewart in his rant against the media’s fear mongering about pollen. He is the senior researcher for the foundation’s annual Allergy Capitals and Asthma Capitals reports. AAFA is a partner of the AIR Louisville program, helping with educational efforts and enrollment.

He told Stewart that the media is actually correct by describing each year as the worst ever for allergies. They are telling the truth about the allergy season getting worse every year.

“As global temperatures rise, so does pollen production every year. So allergy season gets worse every year,” Tringale said.

Stewart quickly got to the bottom line.

“Is there any point where we’ll reach peak pollen? Or will this problem just get worse and worse until we all drown in our own snot?”

One guess at what the answer is.

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