Citizen science documentary to feature AIR Louisville

Just as healthcare is moving far beyond the doctor’s office, science is branching out beyond labs and universities. AIR Louisville is one of many projects featured in this public TV series that comes out in spring 2017.

The Crowd and the Cloud is a 4-part public television series exploring citizen science in the age of mobile technology.

The series explains how regular folks — the Crowd — can work together — using the Cloud — to solve some of today’s largest challenges. C&C’s vision is that citizen science combined with big data and mobile technology can serve as an early warning systems for earthquakes, epidemics, floods, and climate change. The project is funded by the National Science Foundation.

Earlier this year, the AIR Louisville team talked with the filmmakers during a Google Hangout on Air. Meredith Barrett and Melissa Williams from Propeller Health, and I spoke with Darlene Cavalier
, founder of SciStarter, about the why and the how of our community asthma program. Our conversation was 30 minutes, but you can watch the highlights in the Hangout Rewind video.

The four episodes include:

  • Episode 1: Even Big Data Starts Small
  • Episode 2: Viral vs. Virus
  • Episode 3: Feet In The Field, Eyes In The Sky
  • Episode 4: Citizens4Earth

Watch the trailer for the series below.




Now hiring: Program manager for our green building

Arenes green architectureThe Institute for Healthy Air Water and Soil is working on an architecture project to create an example of a healthier approach to urban architecture. Our vision is to create a collaborative space that is a living example and global reference of a healthy environment and healthy humans.
The building effort needs an program manager to guide its development and growth and to share the story of the work we are doing in this space. The right person for this job will be creative, collaborative, friendly and curious. To succeed at this job, an individual needs to be:

  • Comfortable with an entrepreneurial approach to work
  • Organized and flexible
  • Skilled in project management
  • Comfortable functioning in a relationship management or business development capacity
  • Able to translate a vision into a to-do list
  • Communicate well in person and via email

This role will have three major components:
Project management

  • Work with the building designer and real estate agents to keep the building plan moving forward
  • Document meetings and coordinate follow up tasks with the building team
  • Write and share monthly progress reports
  • Manage business operations for the Institute to ensure this work aligns with the overall mission of the Institute

Partnership Development

  • Be an ambassador for the vision of the project with journalists and researchers
  • Identify and negotiate with strategic partners who are a fit with our Healthy Building


  • Contribute posts to the Institute’s blog to document the building’s progress
  • Work with building partners to develop effective and compelling stories about the work
  • Develop educational materials that describe this innovative approach to architecture

This job is a full-time position. An educational background in the natural/life sciences is desirable. Salary will match an individual’s experience level. Contact me with your resume and two reasons why you are perfect for this job. The position starts in August.

Image from flickr user Romain Pittet




Ozone spiked to red levels in Louisville on Friday afternoon

This snapshot of air quality at 3 pm on Friday, June 10 shows the varying levels of ozone around our watershed.

This snapshot of air quality at 3 pm on Friday, June 10 shows the varying levels of ozone around our watershed.

The Air Pollution Control District issued a warning yesterday that we would have a bad air day today. The forecast showed high levels of ozone and the warnings were on target.

Ozone levels started rising into the orange zone around noon. As of 3 pm, the ozone levels were highest at the Cannons Lane monitor. The forecast said that the ozone levels would be in the orange zone. The levels briefly reached red levels, which is bad for everyone.AQI_colorcode

The 3 pm hourly reading showed ozone levels tipped briefly into the red zone.

The 3 pm hourly reading showed ozone levels tipped briefly into the red zone.

The Air Now web site listed the Air Quality Index at 158 – the red zone – at 4 pm Friday. showed the air quality index at 158 at 4 pm Friday afternoon for Louisville showed the air quality index at 158 at 4 pm Friday afternoon for Louisville

The image below shows ozone levels at 2 pm. At that time, monitors in the southwest corner of our city were showing ozone levels in the yellow zone. The image at the top of the page shows how ozone levels rose over the course of the afternoon.

June 10_AirMap3pm

The APCD forecast for bad air included Saturday and Sunday as well. Babies, older adults, people with breathing problems like COPD or asthma, and anyone who has heart disease should stay inside this weekend. High ozone can be dangerous for anyone who has breathing problems, and red levels (an AQI over 150) are bad for everyone. We should postpone picnics and exercise at the gym instead of the park if ozone levels stay high over the weekend.

You can visit to check current conditions.

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